Thursday, 10 May 2012

JVM components

What are JVM components ?

JVM - Java Virtual Machine.

JVM consist of following components:-

1)Byte-code verifier :- It verify the byte-code ,it check's for unusual code.

2)Class Loader :- After verifying Class Loader will load the byte-code into the memory for execution.

3)Execution engine :-
It further consist of 2 parts :-
a)Interpreter :- It interpret the code & run.
b)JIT(Just-in-Time Interpreter)
JVM Hotspot defines when to use Interpreter or JIT.

4)Garbage Collector:- It periodically check for the object on heap , whose link is broken
So it can collect the garbage from Heap.

5) Security Manager :- It constantly monitors the code.It is 2nd level of security.[1st level is Byte-code verifier ].

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